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Visite des Polonais de Wodzislaw Slanski

Du 06 au 13 octobre 2015

Sur la thématique de la comparaison de l’alimentation en France et en Pologne, nous avions rendu visite à nos amis polonais de Wodzislaw Slanski en mars dernier.

L’échange s’est complété puisqu’ils nous ont rendu visite en octobre et ont été accueillis par leurs correspondants français de section européenne SVT.

Le programme a été conçu pour « nourrir les esprits et les corps » et donc qu’ils découvrent notre cantine et ses petites merveilles apéritives, une crêperie en ville, la fabrication des madeleines, l’ostréiculture, les produits régionaux mais aussi l’hospitalité française avec un week-end en famille, la visite du lycée et des séances de cours qui leur ont permis de rencontrer d’autres classes, en particulier en différents cours de langues, des Terminales L mais aussi les Premières de section européenne déjà pressentis pour pérenniser l’échange au printemps 2016 !

Nos élèves et leurs correspondants ont rédigé des petits comptes-rendus in English of course ! illustrés de quelques bonne photos prises par les professeurs polonais, M. R. Gasiorowski et Mme B. Klimek, pour ces journées qui ont démontré le développement de l’amitié et de l’esprit européen

JPEG - 297.6 ko

Merci à tous ceux qui nous ont permis cet échange chaleureux !
Les élèves de section européenne scientifique et leurs professeurs, Mmes A. Cociancich et A. Ahmadi

1er jour

mardi 6 octobre - Tuesday, October 6th

On Tuesday the Polish students had to leave home at 4:00 a.m. to go to Krakow airport.

After approximately an hour in the bus, they arrived at the airport. the Ryanair flight for Brussels left at 9:55 : such a long and uncomfortable trip to Belgian capital city. After a rest of two hours in the Belgian airport, the Polish students took a plane to Montpellier.

Mrs Cociancich was at the airport to welcome them and show them the way to the high school.

A reception was organized for the meeting so that the friendly link could operate again and the delicacies and foie gras were very good.

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JPEG - 275.7 ko

They told us about their first impressions on our school : it is a big and impressive place for multicultural students but they still prefer their own school because there are less students there so it is easier to know everybody around. Bsides they told us that corridors looked as if you were in a hospital.

They said they liked the city very much and that it looked like Paris to them.
They also remarked that the French pupils don’t live in typically French houses and they enjoyed meeting French people and their animals too.

2eme jour

mercredi 7 octobre - Wednesday, October 7th

Welcome breakfast with the school director

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JPEG - 221.3 ko

JPEG - 255.4 ko

The Polish students visit the school

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JPEG - 259.6 ko

The Polish students go to different classes and finally meet the group of Première Euro who will have the opportunity to visit Poland in April. They discuss the similarities and differences of France and Poland

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JPEG - 273 ko

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On Wednesday afternoon, we took the tramway to have lunch in a pancake restaurant downtown. We had pancakes with cheese and ham with apple juice and for dessert we had a sweet pancake. After lunch, we walked around the medieval city center while Mrs Ahmadi explained the story f Montpellier : we went past the city landmarks : la Comédie, le Corum, the cathedral and le Peyrou where we took a group picture. Then we had some time to go shopping and went back home.

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3eme jour

jeudi 8 octobre - Thursday, October 8th

Morning in different classes

Afternoon at the Amazonian greenhouse and zoo

How was the greenhouse ? I saw animal species which I had never seen before as for example cameleons.

And what about the zoo ? The nice thing was that we didn’t have to pay to enter the zoo. Also it was interesting that each animal group lived in its own environment, a bit artificial but quite close to nature.

Which animals did you like most ? I liked the frogs because their look is cute but in fact we know they are toxic.

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4eme jour

vendredi 9 octobre - Friday, October 9th

On Friday, we met at 8:00 a.m. for an excursion.

First we went to a candy and cake factory « La Cure gourmande » : we visited the bakery where they bake traditional French biscuits and sweets. We got to know how the cookies are prepared and then we had a sampling, so we could try French bakery : spicy cookies, chocolate olives and samples of all kinds of cakes and biscuits.

JPEG - 214.7 ko

JPEG - 308.7 ko

Then we went to Balaruc-les-bains where we took a boat and we sailed on the lake to see how oysters are grown. The guide explained how oysters and mussles are bred in the lagoon.

JPEG - 300.2 ko

JPEG - 270.9 ko

JPEG - 290.2 ko

JPEG - 168.4 ko

Finally we landed in Bouzigues, had a picnic and visited the Musée de l’Etang de Thau.

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JPEG - 281.9 ko

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5 et 6eme jour

week-end des 10 et 11 octobre - Week-end : october 10th and 11th


On upon a time, on a sunny, hot, October week-end in Montpellier. The birds were chirping, people were laughing, and the whole city was in a hurry as usual. It was at noon that we woke up and decided to go to the city. Some of us had had breakfast early that day, so we decided to go and eat somewhere.
We ate at Subway and we also had Japanese food. After that we did a little shopping near the Place Jean Jaurès before deciding to go to the Corum on the rooftop : what a nice surprise we had, seeing this astonishing view of the city ! We rested a little, and sunbathed while waiting for the others. Once everybdy had joined us, we went to the Polygone : we did some mainstream shopping and went to the vintage stores of the city.

BUT the ain attraction was yet to come ! Totally exhausted from walking, we wanted to rest in a warm and cosy place. After a long and violent debate we had no other option than going to a cat restaurant !
A cat restaurant is a place where you can sit, drink some tea or eat a little, all the while petting cats. It was the most funny and heart-warming time of the whole exchange.

In the end, since we are always hungry, we finalized our day in a nice restaurant in the city center. the food was delicious, even though the prices were pretty high and Edyta almost died from an allergy but we had a lot of fun. Then, we all came home and slept, totally exhausted from our long but funny day.


Once upon a time, on an even sunnier and hotter day thn the previous one, we had arranged to meet up at the beach. We spent the whole afternoon lying on the beach, swimming, sunbathing and playing.

At 6 p.m., we decided it was time to go back so we all went to Ines’s house. We ate, laughed, then played a game called « Concept » In this game, you have to explain things via concepts. It was a little bit hard at first, but we quickly had lots of fun.
Then we came home super late and went to sleep but we understood our relationship was getting even closer than before.

7eme jour

lundi 12 octobre - Monday, October 12th

Morning classes and summary of impressions of France

JPEG - 204.1 ko

JPEG - 233 ko

Most of us got up at 6:30 as school starts here at 8:00. All Polish students were assigned to our partner’s class. We started with foreign languages : Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese which are among the possibilities here. And we also had maths all together.

We had lunch at the school canteen

Then we were split into small groups for science classes and finally to Mrs Cociancich class where we had a debate on GMOs and insulin.

To our mind, the school building is really modern and enormous in size. The school canteen is serving a great variety of meals. The school community is multicultural which is a new experience in our lives.

Afternoon together : sampling of regional products and souvenirs for all.

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